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  • Being An Engineer Podcast Analyst
  • Mentors are one of the best ways to accelerate our growth as engineers (and as people). What if you had direct access to hundreds of senior level engineers who could mentor you? What if you could ask them any question you want, at any time, and get immediate responses? How would this catapult your capabilities?

    Introducing the Being An Engineer Podcast Analyst GPT agent. We have interviewed hundreds of high performing engineers over the past 4 years on the Being an Engineer podcast. While you can listen to each episode at any time, it’s hard to sort through them all and find exactly the information you want. The BAE Podcast Analyst agent uses ChatGPT technology to put the combined knowledge of these 200+ (and growing) engineers at your fingertips. Simply query the agent with a question and it responds immediately based on real answers given by real engineering titans.

    You can access the BAE Podcast Analyst agent for free* right now here!

    Note that the agent works based off transcripts of each episode that have been uploaded to a central database. This should be considered an alpha release and there may be errors in the agent’s responses at times. Nevertheless, our testing has shown meaningful answers are the norm, with a few exceptions every now and then. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    *While we at the BAE podcast are not charging anything for access to the agent, Open AI does charge users $20/mo to access these agents. Honestly, even if you have no interest in the agents, the $20/mo month is well worth the price to access all of the other features Open AI provides with their GPT+ subscription.
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