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    Ahmed Wasfy

    By Ahmed, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : ahmed@thethrivingem.com
    Compensation: Yes, I charge a fee for my time
    Ask Me About:
    • Engineering Leadership
    • Tech
    • People Management
    • Project Management
    • Managing Up
    • Career Advancement
    Engineering Leader with experience leading teams at Microsoft, Google and Amazon! I help engineering managers become more effective leaders. Learn more at https://www.thethrivingem.com/


    Kevin Distelhurst

    By kdistel, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : kdistel319@gmail.com
    Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
    Ask Me About:

    Feel free to ask me about

    • Semiconductors
    • Failure analysis lab equipment and processes
    • Circuit and layout analysis
    • Papers, patents and conferences
    • Best known method research and development
    • Leading teams and projects
    • STEM outreach
    Electrical Engineer working for a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as a Failure Analysis Engineer
    Lab based experience with 10+ years Operate tools and processes ranging between parameter analyzers, testers, SEMs, chem-mec removal and laser scanning microscopy Layout and circuit analysis of mixed signal and power designs for fault isolation Researching and developing new best known methods via collaborations Leading small projects and technician teams Communicating across various departments Writing papers, proposing patents, attending conferences STEM outreach volunteer  

    Danny P

    Danny Payne

    By Danny P, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Other (see my bio for instructions)
    Contact Info (Email): : dannypayne@hotmail.com
    Contact Info (Phone):: 3854984845
    Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
    Ask Me About:
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Design
    • CAD - SolidWorks and Onshape are currently my main CAD programs of use however I have used others
    • Analysis
    • FEA - Abaqus and Onscale are currently my main CAD programs of use however I have used others
    • Building physical models
    • Professional Engineering license
    I am a professional mechanical eningeer (PE) licensed in the state of Utah and the District of Columbia. I have worked in several different industries through my career. A friend was able to get me to leave aerospace work and move into medical device manufacturing where I work with the shape memory alloy Nitinol. I am listed as an invontor on a couple of patents. I do mechanical contract work in the evenings. With one of my clients, Gate Logic Security, one of my security gate designs won two national awards in their field.

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : ian@iancollmceachern.com
    Contact Info (Phone):: 650-285-2135
    Compensation: Yes, I charge a fee for my time
    Ask Me About:

    Medical device and other mission critical product design.  Complex mechatronic mechanisms, robotics, custom motors, implanted devices, architecture of large complex systems.  Medical devices, startups.

    "… I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer — born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow. As an engineer, I take a substantial amount of pride in the accomplishments of my profession." - Neil Armstrong
    I am a product designer.   Mechanical, electrical and systems engineer.  Machinist, technician and tinkerer.  
    At my core I simply desire to design, invent and build products that help to make the world a better place.
    I have made the most of every opportunity to study under expert craftsmen, inventors, product designers,
    doctors, and engineers to hone his ability to bring increasingly more complex new products to reality. This includes
    working with some of the foremost physicians tackling difficult challenges in current and next generation
    LVADs, artificial hearts, blood pumps, and other highly complex class III medical devices.
    Products I have designed and built are in Times Square, the Disney Parks, the Smithsonian, and implanted in
    people around the world. To date, I am named as inventor on a half dozen granted and pending patents,
    including core technologies in products for companies from startups to some of the largest medical device companies.
    I started my engineering training with a B.S. Engineering Degree, with a Mechanical Specialty from the
    Colorado School of Mines. I continue my education by working with many Industry & Trade Associations,
    University Programs, Business Groups and start-up Incubators. I also regularly attend major conferences,
    training programs, and other industry events in design and related fields including simulation & medical
    device conferences.

    My passion is to improve the world by blending user-focused design, tenacity, and old-world craftsmanship
    with an intimate understanding of the latest technologies.

    I exist at the intersection of the digital revolution, old world craftsmanship, and user-focused design.

    Brooke McDonald

    Brooke McDonald

    By Brooke McDonald, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : brookeallynmcdonald@gmail.com
    Contact Info (Phone):: 8179665846
    Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
    Ask Me About:
    • R&D engineering
    • Manufacturing engineering
    • medical device design
    • strategy development
    • career development 
    • innovation 
    Brooke has bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering and over 8 years of experience in the field of medical device product development. From market research to understanding customer needs and translating clinical requirements into tangible product design specification, Brooke has developed company wide strategies and product portfolio roadmaps. She has a wealth of knowledge across the entire product lifecycle and has led the successful development and launch of numerous medical devices. Brooke is passionate about driving innovation in the med tech field and has a passion for enable others to excel in their career.

    Jeff Perry

    Jeff Perry

    By Jeff Perry, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : jeff@jeff-perry.com
    Compensation: Yes, I charge a fee for my time
    Ask Me About:
    • Career development
    • Decision making
    • Mindsets
    • Personal Branding
    • Resumes
    • LinkedIn
    • Networking
    • Interviews
    • Negotiations
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Public Speaking
    • Organizational change
    • Human Connection
    Jeff Perry (jeff-perry.com) is a leadership and career expert known for helping individuals, teams, and organizations unlock their potential in all facets of life. Given his background in engineering, business, and leadership, he specializes in working with engineering and technical professionals, but the principles he shares are universal. 
    He has personally mentored hundreds of engineers and leaders to work on career transitions, promotions, purposeful work, leadership development, communication, public speaking, negotiations, networking, personal branding, mindsets, and more!
    His current obsession is increasing productivity, innovation, and collaboration through fostering deeper human connection. Even in this time of being more technologically connected than ever before, more people are feeling lonely and disconnected than ever before. This causes many problems and has huge economic and health challenges for our society and businesses. Connection is the answer.
    He supports individuals and organizations through expert training, coaching, and facilitation, walking alongside them to achieve the necessary shifts and changes they need to succeed.
    In addition to his work with others, Jeff also partners with the Engineering Management Institute to host The Engineering Career Coach Podcast, focused on personal and professional development for engineers.

    You can reach Jeff on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffcperry/ or learn more at jeff-perry.com.


    Derek Recker

    By Derek, in Mentoring,

    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : derek.recker@gmail.com
    Contact Info (Phone):: 5672086228
    Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
    Ask Me About:

    Ask me about:

    • What it's like being an engineer
    • How to collaborate with those outside of your field
    • How to become a valuable asset to your company
    Graduate of the Ohio State University with BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering Experience:
    Automotive Design Engineer with a specialty in injection molding design Packaging and Consumer Goods Devices Engineer Design Engineer in horticultural devices and hardware  

    Etienne Nichols
    Contact Preference: Email
    Contact Info (Email): : etiennenichols@gmail.com
    Contact Info (Phone):: 5133447188
    Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
    Ask Me About:

    Career advice, how to interact with different departments, and how to zoom in and out to see the big picture and how your role plays a part in making the company dream become a reality without leaving you behind.

    I have a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and have a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. I've been an engineer for nearly 10 years now, and have worked for startup, employee-owned, and Fortune 500 companies in multiple departments at multiple levels.
    One thing that has been both a blessing and a curse is my tendency to think laterally - to look over and wonder what the guy in the cubicle across the aisle is working on. On the one hand, it's distracted me from going as deep into one subject or discipline as I might have. On the other hand, it has given me insight into how departments work at different organizations, and how my work can improve the organization overall and not just my departments metrics. 

    Specifically, I have worked in the Aerospace industry as a test engineer performing destructive testing on custom aircraft interiors. From there, I worked in the Steel industry as a service engineer, inspecting and recommending refurbishment or replacement of coupling gear assemblies. My most recent industry (and the oen I am now most familiar with) is the Medical Device industry, where I have worked as a manufacturing engineer, product development engineer, and project manager. 
    Eventually, I became a consultant within a QMS company where I advise companies on how to build out their design controls and quality management systems. I now run the Global Medical Device Podcast powered by Greenlight Guru, which is the #1 podcast on Quality & Regulatory topics for the Medical Device industry.

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