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  • Kevin Distelhurst

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    • Contact Preference: Email
      Contact Info (Email): : kdistel319@gmail.com
      Compensation: None, I am volunteering my time
      Ask Me About:

      Feel free to ask me about

      • Semiconductors
      • Failure analysis lab equipment and processes
      • Circuit and layout analysis
      • Papers, patents and conferences
      • Best known method research and development
      • Leading teams and projects
      • STEM outreach

    Electrical Engineer working for a Semiconductor Manufacturing Company as a Failure Analysis Engineer

    • Lab based experience with 10+ years
    • Operate tools and processes ranging between parameter analyzers, testers, SEMs, chem-mec removal and laser scanning microscopy
    • Layout and circuit analysis of mixed signal and power designs for fault isolation
    • Researching and developing new best known methods via collaborations
    • Leading small projects and technician teams
    • Communicating across various departments
    • Writing papers, proposing patents, attending conferences
    • STEM outreach volunteer


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