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When: Tuesday, May 14th, 2024
Where: Pipeline Design & Engineering, LLC
2425 W 12th St, Ste 1
Tempe, AZ 85281

PDX offers a dynamic bootcamp-style experience tailored exclusively for engineers engaged in the design and development of hard goods products. Unlike conventional conference presentations, our interactive event fosters direct engagement between the industry’s highest-performing subject matter experts and ambitious engineers, facilitating the transfer of practical skills and knowledge across the PDX community of engineers.

Participants not only benefit from invaluable insights shared by seasoned professionals but also gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded peers committed to mutual support, advancement, and inspiration. Whether you specialize in designing consumer products, developing medical devices, or creating automated machinery, the expertise and camaraderie cultivated at PDX yield tangible, real-world solutions that drive both personal career growth and substantial company success.

The focus of this PDX event is "Accelerator." It concentrates on accelerating the development of ambitious, growth-minded engineers who are working to solidify their foundational engineering skills. Engineers with less than 5 years of full-time on-the-job experience will benefit the most from this event.

Who is attending?

The logos you see below represent the companies who are sending their engineers to PDX Accelerator. This is your chance to join a network defined by excellence and innovation. Sign up to share in the knowledge and growth shaping our industry's future.

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Only 75 seats available, so register today to save yours!

Use code EARLYBIRD through April 12th, 2024 for $500 off your in-person registration*, or code EARLYBIRDONLINE for $100 off your online-only access!
*Valid on both In-Person Registration and In-Person Registration & Online Access

Check out the PDX:Accelerator agenda here!


Speaker's Picture

James Rogers

James Rogers is enjoying a career in R&D with history in many different fields, from Automotive to Animatronics and (currently) Surgical Robotics. He holds a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Master's of Engineering in Additive Manufacturing, both from the University of CIncinnati. In addition to his formal training as an engineer, James has worked as a production machinist, fabricator, and welder - experiences which have served him well in his career as a mechanical design engineer, providing a firm foundation in the principles of Design for Manufacturability. A lifelong passion for tinkering and wrenching on just about everything, combined with an insatiable curiosity for what makes things tick, has culminated in his founding Proto Dev and Fab, LLC to offer his services to others working to realize the physical embodiment of their ideas through early-stage product development and prototype fabrication. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and three young children, and can almost remember what free time used to feel like.

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James Rogers unveils a transformative approach to product design that merges the realms of engineering and manufacturing in ways you’ve never seen. Discover through exclusive, real-world examples how to craft designs that not only push the boundaries of what’s considered “manufacturable” but do so in a cost-effective, supplier-friendly manner. This session promises a deep dive into strategies that not only streamline the development process but also drastically cut costs and build strong supplier relationships.

Second Speaker's Picture

Joe Moak

Joe is a seasoned product design engineer who consistently introduces innovative, intricately designed products to the market. For more than twenty years, he has been deeply involved in all stages of product design, from conceptualization to large-scale production, both domestically and internationally. Throughout his career, Joe has established and overseen product design engineering teams at companies such as Apple, Sonos, Black Diamond, a medical device startup, and has also founded two successful ventures. His extensive portfolio includes iconic products like the iPad, iMac, Apple TV, Mac Mini (two generations), various Apple Mac Accessories, the 2015 Sonos Play:5, Sonos Playbase, as well as advancements in medical technology such as heart and brain implants. While Joe thrives on tackling complex design challenges, his true passion lies in nurturing and guiding teams to conquer these challenges alongside him. He honed his mechanical expertise through hands-on experience in the "learn by doing" Mechanical Engineering program at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

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Join Joe Moak on a deep dive into the world of tolerance analysis, where his 25 years of expertise come to life in techniques that have reshaped how production challenges are met. Discover how to implement Joe’s meticulously refined methods to swiftly address and solve the unexpected issues that traditionally derail schedules and inflate costs. This session is a treasure trove for those looking to eliminate the costly downtime and rework caused by parts that don’t meet standards or fit as intended, ensuring your projects stay on track and within budget.

Third Speaker's Picture

Roger Labrecque

Roger Labrecque is a distinguished figure in the field of medical device innovation. Roger boasts an impressive career marked by his deep passion for addressing unmet needs in healthcare. With a rich portfolio of over 20 patents, he is recognized for his innovative thinking and expertise in product development, from ideation through commercialization. Roger's leadership extends beyond technical skills, as he is known for fostering robust collaboration across cross-functional teams and incorporating critical insights through the Voice of the Customer process.

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Step into Roger Labrecque’s 25-year journey distilled into a single, transformative session. Roger reveals the five pivotal lessons he wished he knew at the start of his career, covering the art of designing products that stand the test of time, mastering problem identification for true innovation, and the invaluable skill of thriving in cross-functional teams. Delivered through engaging stories, this session offers young engineers a rare shortcut to professional maturity and provides managers with a blueprint for nurturing versatile, highly competent teams poised for long-term success.

Fourth Speaker's Picture

Aaron Moncur

Aaron Moncur stands as a distinguished figure in the engineering and entrepreneurial realms, boasting an impressive background in product development and leadership spanning nearly two decades. With academic credentials that include a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's in Bioengineering, Aaron embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2009 by establishing Pipeline Design & Engineering. This venture, under his guidance and the significant efforts of his team, has flourished into a pivotal entity in its sector, forging partnerships with leading global medical device corporations to craft tailored automation and advanced manufacturing solutions. His leadership philosophy extends beyond mere technical prowess; it encapsulates fostering a workplace culture that values joy and positivity, a principle that has propelled the company's success and growth.

Beyond his entrepreneurial achievements, Aaron has significantly contributed to the engineering community through his initiative in founding the Being An Engineer podcast. This platform serves as a treasure trove of knowledge, offering insights and experiences from high-achieving engineers to a global audience, thereby enriching the professional and academic lives of engineering students and practitioners. His commitment to shaping the future landscape of engineering is further demonstrated through innovative projects like CAD Club and The Wave. CAD Club introduces young students to engineering while instilling values of responsibility and collaboration, whereas The Wave empowers engineers by providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and community engagement opportunities to advance their careers and the engineering field at large.

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Aaron Moncur, through insights from interviewing over 200 top engineers on the Being An Engineer podcast, highlights effective communication as the key to engineering success. Often underrated, this essential skill is crucial for career advancement. Aaron’s session will offer real-world examples and actionable tips for improving team and vendor communication, providing engineers with the tools to significantly enhance their professional interactions. This focused presentation is an invaluable resource for mastering the art of communication, an indispensable element of engineering excellence.

Fifth Speaker's Picture

Jason Addink

Jason Addink is a seasoned mechanical engineer with a diverse background in engineering and innovation. Based in Gilbert, Arizona, Jason has demonstrated his engineering prowess through a multitude of roles and projects. His current position as a Senior Mechanical Engineer at Pipeline Design Engineering LLC, since August 2022, showcases his leadership in the engineering domain. Prior to this, he honed his skills and contributed significantly as a Senior Hardware Engineer at Virtra and has built a solid foundation with over two decades of experience at PADT Inc., where he ascended from a Mechanical Engineer to Chief Engineer.

Jason has performed nearly every role involved in the mechanical engineering process – proposal, conceptualization, calculation, CAD, drawings, system engineering, assembly, testing, failure analysis, documentation, project management, and customer interface. His ability to innovate is further evidenced by his contributions to several patents, ranging from solar panel mounting hardware to systems for minimally invasive gastrointestinal procedures, showcasing a broad spectrum of engineering applications.

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Unlock the full potential of Excel with Jason Addink’s transformative session, “Excel Beyond Numbers: Transformative Visualization & Data Storytelling for Engineers.” Dive deeper into the world’s most utilized engineering tool and discover innovative ways to illustrate and communicate your data effectively. With over 25 years of refining these methods, Jason will guide you through unique, yet straightforward techniques that will change the way you see Excel. Beyond mere data analysis, this presentation empowers you with the skills to present data to your team and stakeholders in a clear, impactful manner, ensuring your insights drive action and decision-making. Step into a world where Excel does more than compute—it tells the story of your project’s success.

Sixth Speaker's Picture

Ian McEachern

Ian Coll McEachern is a multifaceted product designer and engineer, renowned for his innovative contributions to the fields of mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering. With a rich background as a machinist, technician, and tinkerer, Ian has dedicated his career to designing and building products that enhance the world around us. His work spans groundbreaking medical devices to captivating installations in places like Times Square and Disney Parks. A named inventor on multiple patents, Ian's expertise has been instrumental in addressing complex challenges in medical technology, including next-generation LVADs, artificial hearts, and blood pumps. Holding a B.S. Engineering Degree from the Colorado School of Mines, Ian continues to influence the industry through his leadership at Nerdian Inc. and Golden Gate Molders, pushing the boundaries of product design and manufacturing in the heart of San Francisco.

Learn more about Ian


Dive into Ian McEachern’s groundbreaking journey through the rapid development of an artificial heart, leveraging advanced 3D printing techniques far beyond the conventional. This session not only reveals the cutting-edge strategies that slashed development times but also offers a comprehensive overview of the entire product development lifecycle. Engineers will walk away with exclusive, actionable insights that transform months of work into days, promising an invaluable competitive edge in any project.




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