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Mechanical engineering

Alejandro Rosas

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My knowledge in Mechanical engineering is based in the fact that this major is based in problem

solving with the help of machines where humans by themselves are not able to do the main

action, for example, from the beginning of human history inventions like the wheel made easier

the transportation of heavy artifacts through one distance to another, Thomas Newcomen who

invented the first successful steam engine with a piston in 1712, the creation of the airplane

which its based is in the aircraft made by the Wright brothers in 1903, all and more actual

examples, like biomechanical suits or anything that has to do in the biomechanical area, is an

example of what mechanical engineering is focused and based on, though I can recognize my

knowledge is no plenty compared to someone who study this career I would like to know if this

major has limits, what are all the ways we can help society and also how to do iot in a cheaper

way, using that knowledge in aid for people who unfortunately don’t have the optimal conditions

of a good quality life is a goal I will work on to achieve, thinking about that that is why i think this

My major is interesting and something I am passionate about.



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