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Design Accelerators

What is a Design Accelerator (DA)? DAs are anything (often CAD, but not always) that help engineers do their job faster/better. For example, a CAD library of threaded inserts and associated Solidworks hole profile features, CAD of a limit switch & mounting bracket, or a device holder that can be rapidly updated to accommodate different devices. Non-CAD examples could be a project management document/tool, a meeting notes template, or an article others can learn from about how (and why) PDM can be effectively set up and configured. Design Accelerators are like building blocks for engineers that provide them with partial solutions that can be combined rapidly to produce full design solutions instead of starting from scratch on each project.

Below we have curated a short selection of Design Accelerators we are giving away at no cost (for a limited time). All we ask is that after downloading and using them you consider sharing your feedback with us so we can make them even better for you and the engineering community as we continue developing The Wave.


There are no products that match your criteria.
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