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Where Onshape can be a great asset


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Onshape is not Solidworks/Fusion 360/Inventor it is cloud based but here is where it can be a great asset

What you are designing is not internal as the free version makes everything public

When you need to just design something but you are offsite and only have a mobile device

When you have hardware that is not powerful enough to run a desktop CAD like Solidworks/Inventor/Fusion 360.

Onshape does have limitations but it is great for a first step and it looks like Solidworks (since the founder of Solidworks started it)

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Agreed the mobile apps for OnShape are surprisingly good! Speaking of John Hirschtick (founder of Solidworks/OnShape), check out the podcast episode on which we had John as a guest recently here: https://teampipeline.us/jon-hirschtick-solidworks-onshape/ Guess how he funded the first stages of Solidworks development...I'll give you a hint: Las Vegas was involved 🙂

We've also been using OnShape to teach kids how to use CAD (learn more about this volunteer program here). It's been perfect for that environment since they offer free accounts (with the limitations the OP mentioned above) and doesn't require a high performance laptop to run. 

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