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TV Cabinet automation – The beginning, bigger is better.


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When my wife and I purchased our first house there was one thing I knew I needed ASAP, a huge TV. What was currently in the living room did not appeal to either of us and definitely did not fit into the goal of video over indulgence. I spent a fair amount of time on the Rtings Website and settled on a 75” Samsung for our space. Now where do we put it?

There was already a built cabinet and TV space but this did not fit our style and did not have the space required to accommodate the larger sized tv. This cabinet had to go and the space was refinished to house what would come next.

Step 1: Remove old cabinet



Step 2: Demo to make space




As seen in the second image, the top shelf of the alcove was shortened back to allow for added TV height without encroaching into the room.

Now onto design...

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