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  1. Number 10 screws seem to be the transition point between using course threads (larger sizes) and fine threads (smaller sizes). During my entire career spanning various industries including aerospace, semiconductor equipment and other hi-tech fields the standard practice was 10-32. I never asked why, it just was. I believe part of the reason is that this was the fastener sizes companies stocked. Recently I see an uptick of 10-24 usage. Curious. What is your experience? What industries have you see one or the other or both?
  2. Check out our Podcast with Pam Hurley. Technical Writing, Presentations & Communications. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/pipelinedesign_pam-hurley-technical-writing-presentations-activity-7126217673448792064-LygT?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop
  3. AngleLock: A US Manufacturer of Premier Aluminum Framing Solutions AngleLock's USA manufactured, patented, self-aligning technology replaces traditional t-slots. Versatility and functionality combines to deliver consistent, durable, structured solutions to your operation. AngleLock Advantages: GREATER STRENGTH through multiple planes of cohesion over a greater surface area. Increased mechanical bonds result in stronger frames which remain true through the challenges of static environmental influences IMPROVED QUALITY with predictable and reliable support for your operational/equipment investments COST SAVINGS achieved by reducing set up time and eliminating ongoing maintenance
  4. You should check out Evolves Solutions unique path to high volume 3D printing using 4 color industrial printing technologies. https://evolveadditive.com This is good for low volume production and unique abilities to combine different material types.
  5. Most projects I have worked on are tucked away in a factory somewhere doing their thing and I never get to show off my work. This one is different. A long term customer came to me to create a new consumer product for the cannabis users, a case that is stylish, clean and organized and most importantly cuts down on the smell with cannabis. This was a fun project. Check it out. https://seshlife.com
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