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3D Printers Review

Elliot Anderson

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     3D printers and CNC machines are important tools and are commonly used in the engineering field. 

     The use of 3D printers is to make your imagination come to life. 3D printers are connected to a computer where all of the design process takes place. One can create whatever model they are trying to think of. With that model, they can create dimensions, shapes, and anything they can think of. 3D printers are efficient because you don't need to create models by hand anymore; you can just use a computer to create them digitally. There are many different types of 3D printers that have different ways of creating models: Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modeling, Digital Light Process, PolyJet, Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Electron Beam Melting. Some brands of 3D printers include the Form 3+, the Voron 2.4 R2 (Pro) CoreXY, Raise3D Pro2 Plus. All of these printers are perfect and will get the job done. The Voron printer is affordable and completes basic tasks. The Raise3D printer is way more expensive, but it will last longer and will be forgiving in the end. The Form 3+ is a resign printer. It uses resign that the machine sinks into and will harden the resign as the plate raises upward. For 3D printers, it comes down to the forgiveness of it and the type of printer it is. Some will complete certain tasks better than others, and some may be quicker than others. Lastly, some are more complex than others and some will offer more than others. For example, the Voron printers need to be assembled by the buyer. It allows the buyer to learn more about the different parts, etc. 

     There is a video at the bottom labeled, Use of 3D printers, and it is a quick montage of short clips of different things that you can use 3D printers for. They are very versatile and can serve many purposes. You can create camera holders, bottles, containers, fans, and tons more. Whatever you can think of, you can create through a 3D printer.


Video Reviews


Use of Printers


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Hi Elliot, Good Job Explaining and giving information about 3D printing. you might also want to take into consideration the PRUSA Printers, for example the PRUSA MKS3+ as it is a good printer with really nice features and definition. 


here is a web link to where you can check it and compare it to the Voron Printer which is also a nice printer. 

Another nice feature about the Prusa Printers is that they are open source, meaning that you can do all kinds of improvements such as adding remote printing to your printer, and a camera to monitor prints. 

Final note: Prusa printers are able to print a wide variety of thermoplastic materials such as;  PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), CPE, PVA/BVOH, PVB, HIPS, PP (Polypropylene), Flex, nGen, Nylon, Carbon filled, Woodfill and other filled materials.

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