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Corrective Action Reports

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A corrective action report is a technical document that details an issue regarding a product and the steps required to correct the complaint.  Included in the report are the customer giving the complaint, the customer representative reporting the complaint and the team handling the complaint.  The team handling the complaint usually (but not always) includes management, engineering, quality assurance, and other teams as needed.  An investigation is performed by the engineering team (with assistance from other teams as needed) to determine the issue (or root cause) and note the action taken to resolve the customer issue.  These reports are then signed by all managers and kept with quality assurance for records.

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You're right! But they also have to be well-written so that the appropriate parties can take the corrective action required. Too often, too much detail is included and the root cause isn't clearly articulated, so the corrective action may be missed. We've worked with many companies on these reports to make them clearer, more concise, and more actionable. 

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