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Extrusion Inspection device based on 3D printers


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Using the standard 3D printer frame I've created an idea to check extrusions that are used for disposable medical devices.  This started as a sketch (that @Aaron Moncur graciously reviewed) and the Onshape link is the first iteration based on that discussion.

Link to Onshape Document: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/9b93d5d77fcb95471a398956/w/9c74af82b217f72f96a1c1cc/e/17d1792c796892721e113081

Original Sketch is attached (the Onshape CAD is a reduced feature set)


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Onshape is very easy to learn (and using youtube videos on things I am interested in like a pokeball helps).  The same CAD skills used in Fusion 360 and Solidworks apply as well. (sketching extruding assemblies etc).  Funny enough learning Solidworks made me better at Onshape.  Also Sphero (the company that makes the Bolt robot) uses Onshape as a primary resource for its Blueprint prototyping system (found here: https://sphero.com/pages/blueprint-content) and they also support Solidworks.

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